Republicans are increasingly irrelevant…but we don’t have to be

This weekend, I went to the Defending the American Dream Summit hosted by Americans for Prosperity.  Though there were exceptions, so many of the speakers loved to throw red hot meat just to get the crowd angered.  It wasn’t hard to pick out lines which were obviously thrown in to stir up angst.

However, some people seemed to have a better perspective: They said they were die-hard Republicans and the past 8 years (of Bush 2) had gotten them fed up.  They said young and active people with ideas like Ron Paul were needed to guide us in a new direction.

One group which I think can make that happen is Year of Youth, which I am involved in and which was created by Jared Fuller, who heads Young Americans for Liberty at Wake Forest Chapter and is the NC YAL State Chair.  Hopefully we can recruit and assist various people who are willing to challenge the establishment and really make a difference.

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