Republicans: Why Would America Want You Back?

Today I rediscovered The Humble Libertarian, to my great enjoyment.  I don’t know much about the site, but definitely worth reading is a post from yesterday titled “Republicans: Why Would America Want You Back?”  Here’s a short excerpt, addressed to the GOP:

You criticize Obama for huge deficits and skyrocketing debt. But, you ran huge deficits and skyrocketed the national debt.

You criticize Obama for taking over private industry, but you took over private industry with Wall St. bailouts….

You criticize Obama and the Democrats for passing bills they haven’t even read, yet you passed a 300+ page Patriot Act that not one single soul in Congress read before voting.

And that’s just a few lines of it.  The tale of GOP hypocrisy on just about every issue they now champion is sickeningly long.  The Republican establishment has got religion while it’s once again in the minority, and it’s difficult not to be completely cynical about this supposed revival of principle. 

And yet, as Jeff Frazee recently pointed out, “There’s a place and time for education and capturing the hearts and minds for liberty, and then there’s knowing how to win a campaign.”  It’s possibly naive, I know, but I kind of hope we can successfully do both.

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