Resisting the War on Youth at UIUC

On Monday, May 6, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign YAL Chapter tabled on campus to spread information about the War on Youth. After cancelling our plans to be on campus for a few days, Monday proved to be worth the wait. The first day of true summer, along with the spring fever associated with the last week of campus, had people out and eager to socialize.

Students compare the differences in price change between public and private goods. One clearly more favorable than the other.

We took advantage of the weather and handed out popsicles to those who enjoyed playing Debt Pong; what was almost as enjoyable was blocking their noble attempts to cut spending with our Obama fathead cutout. As expected, many students were shocked by the economic and political state of the youth in America.

YAL Members complete set-up. Next step; liberty!

Debt Pong, as well as our banner of the national debt flowing in the breeze and the effective Price Plunge game, set the stage for a lot of meaningful discourse between YAL members and students. We received many sign-ups and were able to hand out a great deal of liberty literature (liber-ature).

A student tries to take out The War on Drugs only to have the Obama fathead block the ball.

Our final event of the year is going to be a cookout on Wednesday, May 7. We managed to get the word to a lot of people through the War on Youth event, and are looking forward to ending this year on a strong note.

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