Resolving Conflicts discussion at Bradner Library.

Friday, June 24th, the University of Michigan – Dearborn YAL chapter met at Bradner Library to discuss the meaning of liberty and techniques by which to avoid conflict. 

Despite the low attendance rate, we were able to have a very meaningful discussion on the definition of liberty and the future of YAL. We used the ‘conflict resolution techniques’ outlined in the presentation to discuss any conflicts the students might have in their ideology. One issue that came up, was the rise and influence of feminism.

Conference room at Bradner Library.

In my opinion, feminism is not a problem — but an opportunity.

As members of liberty movement are aware, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison quarreled on almost every issue. Through collaboration, however, they were able to come to compromises which led to one of the greatest documents in the history of civilization.

Conference room at Bradner Library.

We discussed the various ways in which the founding fathers would have potentially dealt with the issues we are facing today. Our discussion framed today’s questions regarding feminism, free speech, and the like to suite the paradigm of our founders.

YAL is an organization that embraces freedom of speech, freedom of ideas, and freedom of opinion. Nonetheless, these ideals are worthless in a world in which we hide in groups that only say what we already believe and oppose what we already oppose. At that point, liberty is dead.

The ultimate conclusion of our discussions was to be accepting and welcoming to those in disagreement. Liberty is different than other political philosophies, as it is accepting towards anyone willing to do the same. 

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