Restore the 4th at Ashland University

Despite Ashland’s status as a more conservative campus, there was plenty of support for the Restore the 4th event on campus October 26th.

The AU chapter set up shop on the library corridor, which is a high-traffic area because of its proximity to the library, the computer labs, Founders Hall, and several of the residence halls. Campus groups usually neglect the spot except to advertise for other events. YAL knew better, and between classes, there was a huge number of students passing through on the hour.

The YAL team hit a snag because there was nowhere to hang the large posters which we were given, but made do with a light pole nearby. Using the kit provided, several members dressed up as TSA agents. Though most students walked on by, either to class, lunch, or because for some odd reason talking about politics made them uncomfortable (go figure), many stopped. Getting sign-ups on campus can be difficult, because most students are over-committed as it is, but the team was able to get a handful. Better, we were able to get the word out.

Several people accepted candy we gave out, which helped to give YAL a good image on campus, since our campus has a low “political activism” tolerance compared to many others. Better, while accepting candy, most students accepted flyers and genuinely showed interest in knowing more about how the TSA and other organizations violate the right to privacy.

“Can I check your bag?” was resoundingly answered with “No,” to which YAL members responded “Well, the TSA can do it whether you like it or not.” That gets people’s attention, and all-in-all it was a successful event.

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