Restore The 4th at Brescia University

On the sixteenth anniversary of the implementation of the Patriot Act, Brescia University’s Young Americans for Liberty Chapter decided to protest the overreaching infringement of privacy by searching innocent faculty, staff, and students throughout the day.

BU’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter set up shop in the lobby of their busiest academic building on campus, as the early morning weather was in the high 30’s. Members dressed in their black suits and black ties and waited patiently for “suspicious looking” students to walk by.

Before long, a student walked by with a laptop case in hand. Chapter members immediately approached the student to search the case and laptop. The student was reluctant to let us search the laptop. After some humorous back and forth, we brought the student to our table, talked to them about how atrocious the Patriot Act is, and how our Fourth Amendment Rights are constantly under attack.

Members of our chapter did this for just about everyone who walked by, including our University President, Fr. Larry Hostetter. He refused to let us search his bag that *looked* like it came from our spirit shop. We’ll be sure to keep him under our watch.

Overall, this proved to be a creative and effect means of showing how precious the Fourth Amendment is. We’re hoping for a solid turnout at our next meeting where we will discuss technology and the Fourth Amendment!

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