Restore the 4th at Johns Hopkins

Hi guys, so we decided that our first chapter event would be to participate in Restore the Fourth. There were only 3 of us who could make it, but me made a strong showing nonetheless. We faced some early challenges as far as tabling in concerned as the school has yet to formally recognize us, however they can’t crush our spirits or our right to free assembly so we set up shop on the sidewalk right outside the entrance and soldiered on much to the chagrin of HopCop. We very much enjoyed stopping people and playing the role of big brother, but we were stunned at just how many people willingly permitted us to search their belongings (we obviously didn’t). We have no authority and presented no meaningful credentials, but they were absolutely willing to present their bags. I hope it was because they were caught unaware, but it was uprising nonetheless. With that out of the way, we got a ton of signatures and talked to so many random passers-by about how much our rights to privacy are being curtailed to no tangible gain. All in all it was a great first hurrah for us and we will be coming back with some more great stuff soon!

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