Restore the 4th at Northeastern University

October 23rd 2017 was the 16th year anniversary of the introduction of the Patriot Act. To educate fellow students about the legislation’s unconstitutional attack on our personal liberties, the YAL chapter at Northeastern University took to the busy library quad to table as part of the #Restorethe4th initiative. Starting at noon on a Monday, many students were rushing to their next class, but little did they know that they would be stopped and given a search warrant for “walking suspiciously fast” by a YAL chapter member dressed up as a government agent. Other frequent reasons for citations included wearing a red shirt, carrying a bag, or sitting in the same spot for too long. Most students found the situation to either be funny or ridiculous, which gave us the perfect opportunity to enlighten them about how the federal government is not much different when it comes to not having legitimate grounds for invading the privacy of law-abiding Americans. My chapter used this activism as mostly an educational tool, but we were sure to leave out a signup sheet for our email list, which many students added their names to. At such a liberal and SJW-dominant campus as Northeastern, I was glad to find that most of the students with whom I chatted agreed in the principle that government should not be spying on us to the extent in which it does. I am looking forward to including a segment on the Patriot Act and the success of our tabling at our follow-up meeting! 

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