Restore The 4th at Owens Community College

Recently, I had the pleasure of holding a restore the 4th event st my school of Owens. This was a great opportunity for me, as it allowed me to reach out further to the student body directly in order to successfully build a relationship. I reserved two days for the event of Tuesday and Thursday, this would give me an opportunity to see what might work one day and what wouldn’t be beneficial in garnering attention. My first day started fairly basic with me running a little behind due to traffic, but once I got there I was fullly determined to give it my all. While my table was being set up for the day, I approached a group of chatting students and smoothly interjected in the conversation by talking about government surveillance. This would be my first success at gaining support as some students seemed vastly interested in what I had to say. My second day also showed success with similar tactics. I approached a group of students and introduced to them my ideas. They also seemed to show a lot of interest, which even sparked a conversation on the topic. I’m the end I walked away with more members and a better understanding of the student body.

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