Restore the 4th at The Ohio State University

Last month, we hosted the Young Americans for Liberty’s activism event titled “Restore the 4th.” Over the past decade, the rights protected under the 4th amendment have eroded away by the government with legislation such as the “patriot act.” So this activism event was done to show students the importance of the 4th amendment and why we need to ‘restore’ it.

We did this activism event over the period of two days. We tabled on our main College walkway, the oval, where many students walk to and from their classes. The high traffic area and our awesome tabling materials made the activism event a success.

We were able to get 70 sign ups for our chapter while tabling and gave away most of our materials. We also handed out fliers to our next meeting which covered NSA spying. The meeting ended up being a huge success, bringing in almost 40 people to the meeting.

We are looking forward to doing this activism event again in the spring!

-Reese Brooks



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