Restore the 4th at University of Iowa

Our Chapter has been focusing mostly on free speech and ending the drug war so far this semester. This 4th Amendment event was refreshingly different from our other events so far, and was also the first time so far that we reserved space to set up a table on our campus. Most of the time we try to skirt around administration, especially when we are holding events related to eradicating free speech zones.

At our event we had fun handing out webcam stickers and discussing privacy and government surveillance. We were also handing out flyers to advertise our speaker that was coming to the meeting that night, Dr. Christopher Peters, who is running for a seat in Congress in 2018 against Dave Loebsack. I had an encounter with a student who was really excited to learn that we were a libertarian group on campus and seemed interested in coming to future events and meetings. In addition there were many other students who seemed concerned about their privacy which was a nice difference from the apathy that I normally face when discussing the issue with fellow students.

Overall, the event was interesting and I would like our chapter to host another privacy related-event in the future.

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