Restore the 4th – Missouri State University

This past Thursday on the national day of action for Restore the 4th we at Missouri State got to work! This was definitely the most fun activism event we have done in awhile and was well received by almost everyone we talked to. Some people we approached even believed that we were actually government agents and nervously opened their bags! Is that not insane? The 4th amendment has been trampled on and violated for so long that our peers could actually believe we were agents come to search them!

It was nonetheless encouraging to find our message resonate with so many people and even those who would admit to not having the slightest interest in political issues stuck around to have conversation with us because they were genuinely interested in what we had to say! We nearly emptied the box of “warrants” and really raised awareness on this issue of privacy and got quite a few more people on campus interested in coming out to see a little bit more of what we at Young Americans for Liberty are saying!

(I swear these people were listening!)

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