Restore the 4th to Missouri State University and Drury University! 

The YAL Chapters at Drury University and Missouri State University teamed up on Thursday, October 26, to inform the Missouri State University campus about the personal rights and freedoms violated by government officials and surveillance tactics. Jaret Scharnhorst, MSU’s Chapter President, approached people while posing as a “government agent,” asking for them to open their bags and answer absurd questions. Naturally, people were confused and surprised. Some even opened up their bags for search, not asking for any credentials or identification. Once their attention was grabbed, we would explain how the government routinely oversteps their legal boundaries in the name of “safety,” give them a small pamphlet of information, and ask if they would be interested in joining the movement for liberty. This event was a great collaboration between two YAL Chapters and provided an opportunity for my newly-established Chapter to get some insight into how activism can be done effectively.

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