Restore The Fourth at Carnegie Mellon University

This past Wednesday, the Carnegie Mellon University YAL chapter held a tabling event focusing on Fourth Amendment and right to privacy concerns. We had a variety of YAL merchandise on hand to distribute to students, which we feel helped draw passers by to the event. Carnegie Mellon University is an especially productive forum for discussion of the Fourth Amendment issue, due to its prestigious reputation in the field of cyber security. Indeed, the National Security Administration is one of the top employers of our graduates. We were fortunate enough to have several seniors stop by to discuss the topic who had already accepted offers of employment at the NSA for next year. They offered some valuable perspectives on the interest-balancing that takes place when weighing the inherent value of privacy against that of public safety. All students we spoke to were very civil and polite, which is always fortunate when discussing controversial topics such as this one. We were glad to see a good deal of political engagement on campus, and look forward to future such events and discussions.

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