Restore the Fourth at Plymouth State University

What does Restore the Fourth mean for me on my college campus? It means educating my brothers and sisters who bleed red, white and blue the freedoms they are fully entitled too in our constitution. Seeing young college students, like myself, fired up for liberty brings pure joy to my American heart. I love this country with every fiber of my being because of the freedoms we have and there’s nothing more I want than for those freedoms to be restored to the people.

I think the most important part of these events, particularly the Restore the Fourth, is it reminds people that we are a unique nation-state in which our constitution allows the nation to define the state, not the state to define our nation. Look at Catalonia in the news for example, they are a nation with their own history, own language, own cultural identity that belongs to the state of Spain. They aren’t allowed to define their state, their state defines their nation. Teaching people about the freedoms they have puts that power back into our hands and forces the government to be more accountable for their actions.

– Brad Rucker

Plymouth State Chapter President

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