Restore the Fourth at University of Wisconsin Madison

Like many other chapters, we did our Restore the 4th event on October 26. This worked out great because we also had a meeting that night that we got some people from RT4 to show up to as well. As we handed out the tickets, we told people that the punishment for their ticketed behavior was to show up to our meeting.

RT4 was a fun event, both for our chapter and the students we engaged with. The students found the tickets amusing, and our members had a fun time handing them out and dressing up like “government surveillance officers.” For some of them, it was even their first activism event!

Overall, UW-Madison YAL had a great time doing RT4! For some, it was a learning experience. For others, it was just a chance to build skills, engage with others, and try out a new activism event. Next up is our free speech ball!

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