#RestoreThe4th at St. Lawrence University

Yesterday, SLUYAL hosted its #RestoreThe4th event on the St. Lawrence Campus. We had been planning this event since YAL had announced it; we put flyers around campus, hung a banner that resembled the “Big government eye” to stare down at everyone in our student center, invited our friends to our Facebook event, and added the event to SLU’s daily e-mail updates. Although we also took pictures of the event, I wanted to go a bit further and make a video compilation of our interactions with SLU students as we handed them “search warrants.”

We held our event in SLU’s Sullivan Student Center. SLUYAL’s vice president, Gabriel Thomas, and I dressed as “government agents,” with Gabriel manning the table while I approached people as they passed by. The treasurer, Spencer Carr, filmed our interactions with the students. As his documentation will reveal, SLU students were receptive to our message. Many of them came to our table after receiving a “search warrant” and took our webcam stickers and did our “liberty vs. surveillance” survey. We had nine students sign up to join our club.

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