Restoring the 4th at NKU!

It is with great pleasure that I can say this event went quite well, with a special acknowledgement to our rapid rate of growth in the past two weeks! Since that time, we’ve gained 4 new members thanks to our new Recruitment Team Leader, Travis! He’s been deeply devoted and active in our efforts. From here, I can only see us snowballing into a very influential and driven chapter, so it would be remiss of me to not give Travis a big shout out!

Donning our suits, sunglasses, earpieces, and messages of freedom, Eric, Travis, and I hit the sidewalk to detain our peers. Many were justifiably skeptical and bothered, but that mood lightened once we dropped the charade and presented them with an invitation to our next meeting! Some were very enthusiastic about a liberty organization on campus! Remarkably, some were willing to permit us a search of their property. We did as they should have done and rejected the offer. Instead, we explained that it is their right to turn away unwarranted searches and told them what we were about. A mixed bag, these students.

Overall, I believe this was a marked success! We intend to do this again later this week, right before our meeting. With elbow grease and a little luck, we’ll be seeing some new faces there!

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