Restoring The 4th in Central Missouri

Today our chapter at the University of Central Missouri took part in the national Restore the 4th activism event.  When given the details of what the activism was its needless to say that we were all very excited, member were even fighting over who was gonna be the Secret Agents.  When we set up we were immediately posed with questions about what we were doing, who we were, and most importantly why we wanted to search their bags.  At first there were a surprising amount of people who were perfectly fine with handing over their personal belongings.  But that all changed when they found out the reason for our attire.  Most people who we approached agreed with us on the absurdity of the PATRIOT act.  Most teachers who past by were taken aback by what we were doing when we explained our table.  Overall we had a very successful event and look forward to an amazing meeting to follow this all up!

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