Revenge of the Plumber

Angry Joe

Ok, anybody remember this guy? His name is Joe, Joe the plumber. He’s really not a plumber. He’s the guy that McCain and Palin used in the 2008 election to represent the American taxpayers. The guy that asked Obama some hard questions about what he was doing with taxpayers dollars. Well, he’s back and he has some interesting things to say about McPalin and the rest of the Neoconservatives in the Republican Party.

Wurzelbacher said he had voted for McCain but without enthusiasm. “In the end, I had to choose the lesser of two evils.

“Does the Republican Party represent anything I stand for right now? Absolutely not,” he said. “Right now the Republican Party doesn’t even know what it stands for.”

While using this guy was a cheap political move on the part of McCain and Palin, I hope perhaps now this man’s words could be used for a different movement and a different politician. Maybe the R3volution? Maybe Ron Paul? Only time will tell.

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