Revitalizing Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Chapter

Following a short hiatus, March 17th was the day our chapter here at Milwaukee School of Engineering officially became active again.

Wielding pocket Constitutions and free candy, we (Bryan and Kristin), the only two members, set up a table in the heart of our university, the Campus Center. With the assistance of David Scarpelli from the Leadership Institute, we set out to recruit members to help revitalize our chapter.

Unsatisfied with the amount of people we gained reception from, we decided to table again on the following Monday, March 20th. We successfully reached out to more individuals, and it was a great way to start off the week.

Two days later on Wednesday the 22nd, we had our first weekly meeting. At the meeting, we discussed potential events. Within the remaining weeks of this spring quarter, we plan to have a free speech ball, an informative event on how to talk to the police, and a promotional event with “pot brownies” for the event on how to talk to the police. 

At our meeting last night, March 29th, we set the date of April 10th for the free speech ball.

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