Right to Life, Liberty, and 1Mb Broadband Internet

Finland has passed legislation that makes 1Mb (Megabit per second) internet access a legal right starting in July 2010, and Finnish rights will grow to 100Mb in 2015.  Huh, and all this time I was thinking that rights never changed!

CNET recalls a similar happening in France:

France, one of a few countries that has made Internet access a human right, did so earlier this year. France’s Constitutional Council ruled that Internet access is a basic human right. That said, it stopped short of making “broadband access” a legal right. Finland says that it’s the first country to make broadband access a legal right.

It seems the “information superhighway” is the new transcontinental railroad for the government to pour money into, lest us dumb civilians suffer the terrible consequences of our own priorities.

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