Riots in Greece prevent good economic reforms

This is an important story for free marketeers: people are taking to the streets in Greece, rioting against the conservative politician’s attempts to implement privitizations and other economic reforms, which would boost economic growth.

The Greek government is far from perfect; there’s lots of corruption and problems to go around, but the Greeks people are protesting against the very reforms that could help save them.  They want to stop privitization of education and pension plans, thinking that its possible to reform the government to adequately provide social services.  However, why would they would to keep these important services in the hands of government, which is naturally corruptable?

People are angry that the government is corrupt, but protest against government policies which would take these services out of the hands of the corrupt government.  They want government be ‘socially responsible’ (by providing education and pension plans), a message they get across by causing millions of dollars in infrastructure damage by rioting.

Anyone care to explain the logic of that one?

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