Riots In Greece

The past week has been a week of mass riots in Greece. Sparked by the shooting of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos by police but fueled by a larger discontent with the government and police brutality. Within any protest there are always peaceful protesters and the few who choose to do harm. The protesters are mostly young, and angry about the countries corruptness and poor economic situation. I think there are good things and bad things to take out of all of this.

First the bad, obviously people rioting and setting multiple stores on fire and causing chaos is not good, nobody supports that. For the good, the young people are actually saying ‘no’ and standing up for what they believe in. The means in which they do this is questionable though.

From Reuters:

“Everyone thinks this government that murders has to fall. The government in four years has only carried out reforms against students,” said Maria Tsoupri, 22.

“It will become calm now. But I want the government to clean up, to get the market and the economy moving,” said Isidoros Aletas, 21.

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