Ripon College, Fall ’13

Free Speech Wall

In less than a year, YAL @ Ripon College has become Ripon College’s most respected and largest political group. Our events draw a diverse crowd and our meetings engage all who attend. Thanks to the materials provided to us by YAL and a few other organizations, we have carved our niche on campus.

YAL @ Ripon College

Without a doubt, the highlight of our semester was the Free Speech Wall. Throughout the month of October, a small group of dedicated members tabled during lunch and dinner in the commons. Nearly 60 people (mostly students, a couple of professors) wrote the wall and participated in a campus-wide celebration of freedom. Every student who participated and signed up for the email list was entered in a raffle for a Dominoes gift card. We figured it was a nice way to add incentive to participate  (:

The ‘wall’ is a white tablecloth with the words ‘Free Speech’ written in the middle in blue and red. People voiced their beliefs, decorating a mural which proudly hung for all to see. Students, faculty, staff, and even one of the College’s VPs expressed their appreciation for the wall and what it represents.

A couple weeks ago, the President of the College Republicans grudgingly admitted that YAL had become Ripon’s biggest political group. The best part is that we’ve been around for less than a year! Can’t wait to see what we do next.



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