“Rise of the New Right” Documentary

On Wednesday, June 16, MSNBC plans to air its documentary “Rise of the New Right” in an apparent attempt to demonize the views of the Tea Party, the liberty movement, and those who believe in the constitution and who oppose an expansive central government.

The Hardball website describes the documentary:

In msnbc’s latest Hardball documentary, “Rise of the New Right,” Chris Matthews takes a hard look at the recent surge of anger on the political right, particularly the outpouring of support for the Tea Party, which helped secure Rand Paul’s victory in Kentucky.

The growing fear among citizens of losing their rights and freedoms has created a political backlash toward the US government and manifested itself in violent rhetoric and anti-government groups who want to “take their country back.” Hardball host Chris Matthews asks the questions: Who are the people on the New Right? What do they want? And how do they intend to get it?

It’ll be interesting to see where exactly MSNBC will take this documentary, but I think we can all use our imaginations.

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