RNC May Have Access to Minority Report-like Technology!

At the 2012 RNC, a vote was taken for Rules 12 and 16, which basically bind states to a majority-wins-all or proportional delegate distribution (ie. no more “free” delegates). In addition, the free delegates who were at the convention may be replaced by the states by delegates they see as more fit to support the candidates they want, and the RNC chair is given increased ability to change party rules between conventions without the involvement of all the delegates. Read more about the rules changes here.

However, the more notable event was that, as seen in the above video, the teleprompter provided the results of the vote before it was taken!

Any intelligent person should immediately be shocked by this revelation. The obvious conclusion, of course, is that the GOP has developed technology to predict events which haven’t occurred yet — just like in the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report. When will they share this knowledge with the public? Regardless, it is amazing to see how far our democracy has come; we are approaching a mesmerizing era where we can imagine the RNC and DNC providing presidential election results on a grand scale before they happen…possible even before they’ve introduced the candidates!

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