Robert E. Lee v. The Big 3*

*Or is it the Big 2? I never know who’s side Ford is on. Either way, Big 3 rhymes.

The battle over the auto-bailouts has stooped to an all time low. Economic illiterates, Statists, Marxist journalists and American Auto Makers have declared war…Civil War…again. According to them, it’s the North versus South because the “Neo-Confederates” continue to oppose federal funding to prop up the failing Detroit Automakers.

Detroit propagandist, John McCormick, says that since the south has joined forces with “evil Asian auto makers” they have waged Civil War against the North.

“The problem here centers on certain southern states — Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and, in particular, Alabama — where certain bone-headed senators seem to have forgotten that the Civil War ended, with the appropriate outcome, almost 150 years ago.

Economist and Detroit native, Karen de Coster, explains the absurdity of this new “War between the States” in this Mises Institute piece.

“…hyperbole-laden journalists keep saying, “Detroit is collapsing.” But Detroit is not collapsing. Three auto manufacturers born of Detroit are no longer financially able to continue operations. They are financially failed because they long ago sold their souls to union brutes who have run their businesses in the best interests of the UAW’s overpaid executives and managers…”

I don’t think the fact that we, dirty-slow talkin’ Rebels, don’t want to continue to fund failing dried up businesses with worthless money and continue to prolong depression by government intervention makes me “Un-American.” Nor does it mean that I want the ghost of Stonewall Jackson to summon his soldiers and raise some hell. I just like natural order, that’s all.

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