Roger Williams University is in the process of creating a YAL chapter


I am currently a sophomore at Roger Williams University and this past semester I have been in contact with many current members of YAL that were interested in me possibly starting a chapter on campus.

After doing some research on who the Young Americans for Liberty were and what they stood for I too began to have an interest in starting a chapter. A few friends and I have signed up for YAL and have begun using the resources we have received through this organization to recruit the necessary amount of people our university requires to have official school recognition as a club. The most liked supply is by far the pocket constitution.

At first I was quite surprised that this was such a popular promotional item because (in all honesty) our campus is not as politically involved as many of us would hope. However by the amount of positive feedback I have received about the pocket constitution and the YAL chapter I may be mistaken.

I am very excited about my fellow students enthusiasm on these pocket constitutions and this chapter and general. With this being said I am hopeful that sooner than later I will be reporting an official school recognized chapter of YAL at Roger Williams University, but for now I would just like to report that we are progressing towards school recognition!


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