Rolling Forward for Free Speech at Penn State – Main Campus

Today was a very successful day here at Penn State main campus. The YAL chapter here teamed up with members of Turning Point USA to bring awareness to the free speech zones on campus. Our group started inside one of the free speech zones, but soon became mobile and traveled to many popular spots on campus. Once in these spots, whether they were free speech zones or not, we asked people to come sign the giant ball. It was easiest to convince people, who would actively stare at the ball, to come and sign. Once they had signed whatever they wished on the ball, we quickly asked them if they would be interested to sign a petition to promote free speech on campus. Many agreed to sign the petition if asked directly after signing the ball. It was truly amazing to see so many people from different backgrounds sign the ball and the petitions. Due to such an interest in the ball, we managed to get into the campus newspaper, the Daily Collegian. This was fantastic to have because now our club could attract those that may not have know about the event or YAL.

Our chapter plans to have a follow up meeting tomorrow to discuss what went well and how we can improve for next time. It was a day full of fun and activism. To see so many people support the right to free speech on campus was truly inspiring to see. I recommend this type of event to any chapter that really wants to get the ball rolling for free speech. (pun intended)   

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