Rolling Liberty Forward with a Free Speech Ball

Who knew that a beach ball four and a half feet wide could get so much attention? At Latter-day Saint Business College in Salt Lake City, we knew we had to do something to kick the chapter back into gear.  While weighing our options, the idea of rolling a ball around stuck out in our minds.  We knew it would be a great opportunity get people to ask about YAL.

Getting attention with the free speech ball.

There were just a few of us, but in the nearly two hours of talking to people, we had almost fifty students sign up to find out more (all at a college with fewer than 3,000 students)!  We had a lot of great conversations with those that are genuinely interested in learning more about liberty and standing to defend it.

Everyone wanted to write on it!

After working hard, we had our weekly chapter meeting just a few hours later. There we led a discussion about how free markets create an incentive for growth. It was a great way to get both the YAL veterans and the new members involved and engaged.

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