Rolling with the Tide during Constitution Week

The Young Americans at Liberty at the University of Alabama celebrated our Constitution Week with a good old fashion constitutional debate and with the Free Speech Wall Activism Project. Our chapter chose the free speech wall largely because it is an issue which truly connects to the students at the University of Alabama, and because in the past the university has been restrictive on this constitutional right amongst its students. 

YAL's Proud Debaters

Our first event was the Constitutional Debate. The debate took place between YAL, the College Republicans, the Young Conservatives of America, and the College Democrats. The topics we discussed were the War Powers Act in relation to Syria, Immigration Reform at both the state and national level, Obamacare in the context of the Commerce Clause, and the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA. The debate was one of the largest political debates to take place on our campus in decades.

Constitutional Debate

We had the privilege of beginning our debate by explaining what our message was, what is was that YAL stood for, and why the Constitution should matter to college students today. It served as a magnificent opportunity not only to stand up for our principles and our constitution, while at the same time recruiting new members into our rapidly growing chapter. 

Free Speech Wall Facebook Event

The next day the students of the University of Alabama awoke to find the Young Americans at Liberty already out on the quad hard at work with our Free Speech Wall. Students from around the campus came out in droves to exercise their freedom of speech and express their concerns with the direction of our country.

By the end of the day the wall had been filled up, and our chapter had reached an entire campus on the importance of free speech. It was beyond a doubt a resounding success. We are excited to work with the new members of YAL that we have reached through our activism, and we are beyond excited to see what the future holds for us on campus.

Until next time, long live our sacred liberties and Roll Tide Roll!

Free Speech Wall

Free Speech Wall

Free Speech Wall

Free Speech Wall

Free Speech Wall 

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