Romaine Quinn Answers Your Questions

Hey guys, here are the responses to the question everybody had for Romaine Quinn a while back.

YAL: What do you consider yourself politically (conservative, libertarian, etc.) and why?

RQ: As I’ve said before, I follow the teachings of Ron Paul, so I would consider myself a Libertarian-leaning Republican/Conservative. I fit the party line on most issues, except for a couple such as certain parts of the patriot act, President Bush’s own little stimulus package, and those Republicans who advocate comprehensive immigration reform that would allow for amnesty and loose border control.

YAL: How much money did the campaign cost, and how did you raise the money?

RQ: As for a campaign cost, I only spend around $2,000. I recieved some donations from supporters but otherwise I just paid for it out of pocket.

YAL: How long did you campaign? 

RQ: The campaigning essentially started from my accouncment of my candidacy to the actual day of voting. So I would say around 4 months.

YAL: What party did you get elected on and how did you manage to get the nomination?

RQ: Local elections in my town are non-partisan, so the election was not party affiliated.

YAL: What are the major problems in your city that you are looking to take on? 

RQ: I plan on tackling many issues in my city from adjusting our current sidewalk policy, firing our current city administrator, balancing our budget, and figuring out how to fund an unfunded DNR mandate.

YAL: Did you get any endorsements, and if so, how?

RG: I did not recieve any endorsements, and frankly I wouldn’t have accepted any. Local elections should be about the character of the person running, not who he’s friends with. Many councilmembers endorsed my opponent, but it just shows a lack of class. I also feel this way a lot in national elections.

Note:  YAL does not support or oppose any candidate for office.

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