Romanticizing the Past, Jeopardizing the Future

Reminiscing over the “the good ole’ days” is common, especially during tough economic times. Back when people worked harder, educated themselves, and had a superior sense of morality than your 21st century average Joe. Everything was laid back. Life was good. That is, until you have to go out in a blizzard to chop firewood, or you can’t sleep because the stench of the 14 other people on the floor keeps you up, or you’re drafted into some foreign war, or your child dies of chicken pox…depending on which decade or century of “good ole’ days” we’re advocating.

Specialization has led to efficiency, and efficiency has given us access to the world. The US is great at growing corn. It’s a specialty. Japan doesn’t have adequate space to grow corn well, but they have fabulous resources for making passenger cars (like the one below). So we trade. We work for Japan; Japan works for us. It’s a win-win! And it’s what can happen when the free market fosters, then utilizes, efficiency on a global scale. It’s a beautiful thing, and I would never trade it for the slow pace of the past. Make sure your candidates want to foster liberty and prosperity as time goes on, and not transport us back to some romanticized yesterday.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf earned a top 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Adminstration and a Top Safety Pick Award from the Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety.

Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN, “Nissan Leaf Earns Top Crash Safety Rating” July 25, 2011.

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