Romney Wins NH GOP Straw Poll, Ron Paul Places 2nd

New Hampshire Republican State Committee members voted in a presidential straw poll today, with 1st place being taken by Mitt Romney at 35%. Ron Paul placed 2nd with 11%, followed by Tim Pawlenty at 8%, and Sarah Palin at 7%.

As James Ostrowski has said, “This result is impressive because, (1) Ron Paul is busy fighting the Fed, not campaigning; (2) it is not a poll of grass roots activists but party regulars; and (3) it means Ron Paul was the leading tea party candidate ranged against the country club GOP man—and likely loser against the neo-centrist Obama—Mitt Romney.”

Romney is possibly the biggest flip-flopper in history, and can not be trusted, as Jack Hunter shows in this video from during the 2008 presidential race:

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