Ron Paul at the University of Minnesota

On Monday, April 6, Dr. Ron Paul came to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to speak to a crowd of students, political junkies, and liberty activists.

The event was hosted between Students for a Conservative Voice, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and Young Americans for Liberty. Each group has worked together for the last year and a half to be able to host Ron Paul on campus. Minnesota has historically been friendly to Dr. Paul, with over 30 delegates voting for him at the GOP Convention in 2012.

The crowd Monday evening had close to 1,000 cheering fans, holding signs saying “End the Fed” and even “Ron Paul 2016”. Dr. Paul opened discussing how the warfare state has led to some of the biggest intrusions into our lives in the “name of freedom” while taking these freedoms away. He went on about the ridiculous things some of today’s politicians say to justify their actions and the aggressive foreign policy they have helped prop up in the name of security.

He followed this into economics on how the welfare state has seen no great advancement and how the economics of the Federal Reserve have ruined the economy, asking the question “They say the recession is over, but do you feel it’s actually over?”

Amidst all the bad policy that has happened, the presentation ended on a hopeful note. Dr. Paul spoke on how small the movement was for most of his life back when he first listened to Mises and Rothbard.

Now, in just a few years, college students and youth have become heavily involved and accelerated its progress since his first campaign in 2008. He said he is very hopeful and sees the welfare/warfare state coming to an end in our lifetime and a free society blooming at the end of this big government era.

After the event, Dr. Paul stalled his plans to sign books, photos, take pictures, and answer more questions for his fans. A few weeks later, our chapter is still receiving compliments and praise for how the event went and how happy they were Dr. Paul was finally able to come back to Minnesota.

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