Ron Paul at YOUR campus?

Want to host Ron Paul on your campus? 

You do!?  Well, fortunately and unfortunately, so do a lot of other YAL chapters across the country — and Dr. Paul is a busy man.

Many YAL chapters have big plans for this fall. They’re going to bring Ron Paul AND Tom Woods AND Judge Napolitano to campus; they’re going to raise a bunch of money and throw a huge event with thousands of people in attendance!  Sound familiar?

Sadly, hosting Dr. Paul on campus is not as simple as it sounds. It is a unique opportunity that requires a comprehensive proposal, lots of time, fundraising, and several hundred petition signatures.

But don’t despair!  YAL wants Ron Paul to visit your campus, too, so my staff and I have put together a guide for you to learn how to bring the good doctor to your campus.

Learn how to bring Ron Paul to YOUR campus!

If you follow the instructions in this guide, produce a creative and thorough application, and collect petition signatures on your campus; you will have a real opportunity to bring Dr. Paul to your school.  He loves the enthusiasm of young people and enjoys speaking on college campuses more than anywhere else — but it’s up to you to convince him to visit yours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or the Regional Director or State Chair for your area if you have any questions about this process.  We’re here to help you have a productive fall semester…and maybe schedule a visit from THE Ron Paul!

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