Ron Paul & Barney Frank Introduce Pot Legalization Bill to House

Are the days of smoking pot in fear of arrest coming to an end? After a report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy stated that the international War on Drugs has failed, Representatives Barney Frank (D-MA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) have sponsored a bill that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana, and leave the decision of legalization to the states.

The bill would also reduce Washington’s role in the War on Drugs to combatting organized crime and illegal smuggling, rather than individual possession offenses. Rep. Frank supports marijuana laws moving to the states, stating that “prosecuting responsible adults who make the decision …to smoke marijuana interferes with their personal freedom,” and likened this proposed piece of legislation to the 21st Amendment that repealed federal alcohol prohibition. However, due to the large number of pot prohibitionists in Congress, Rep. Frank admitted that the bill has “no chance of passing” but introducing the piece will help the “educational process” of marijuana laws within government, and lead to change down the road. More at

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