Ron Paul Comes to Boise

YAL at University of Idaho embarked on a 6 hour journey to Boise Saturday morning. Our goal:  to meet Ron Paul. The chapter president and I were fortunate enough to present Dr. Paul with an award later that day after his speech on the Boise State campus.

We were able to speak with him in the green room back stage, discuss economics over dinner, and present him an award that said “Idaho is Ron Paul country” in front of almost 2000 people. I personally got to escort him to the speech. It was an amazing weekend for sure!  Go here for videos and pictures.

Thanks to everyone who put this together and gave us the opportunity to come down!

Front page of Boise Newspaper: Thats me in the blue shirt to the left

This photo appeared on the front page of a Boise newspaper. That’s me in the blue to the left of Dr. Paul. 

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