Ron Paul Dissents…

…from condemning the situation in Iran and the Iranian government (leading up to invasion, perhaps?) in a powerless resolution overwhelmingly passed by the House and Senate.  In fact, of all the members of Congress, his was the only no vote, while only two others voted “present.”  His reasoning?

Paul said in his floor speech that he was in “reluctant opposition” to the resolution — that he of course condemns violence by governments against their citizens. On the other hand, he also doesn’t think the American government should act as a judge of every country overseas, and pointed out that we don’t condemn countries like Saudi Arabia or Egypt that don’t even have real elections.

“It seems our criticism is selective and applied when there are political points to be made,” Paul said. “I have admired President Obama’s cautious approach to the situation in Iran and I would have preferred that we in the House had acted similarly.”

Read the rest of his reasonable and noninterventionist critique here.

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