Ron Paul for Heisman?

Analogy time. Tim Tebow is to ESPN announcers as Ron Paul is to his followers: God like. Tomorrow a young man, slightly older than I, will transcend greatness and cause me to question what I have done with my life. To the sports announcers, Tim Tebow is God, he can do no wrong. And to us, Lovers of Liberty, Ron Paul is more than just a man. He is a real American hero, and rightfully so. My father must get sick of me citing Dr. Paul all the time, but like Tebow scores goals, Ron Paul tells the truth.

In his later years, John Adams warned of creating idols of the Founding Fathers. He wrote, “I ought not to reject your reverence for your fathers…but I have no reason to believe we were any better than you.”

Adams emphasized the importance of a movement that shaped this Republic, not a person. Ron Paul has done more for the advancement of liberty than anyone, but he won’t be around forever. That’s why Young Americans for Liberty is so important. WE must carry on the Revolution.

But every Revolution needs a leader. Why not this guy: Rep. Jeff Flake. I’m open to suggestions.  

**And for the record, I hope Tim Tebow does NOT get the Heisman again. 

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