Ron Paul Interviewed in the NYT

They couldn’t ignore the author of End the Fed any longer:

Q.  Which brings us to your bill to audit the Federal Reserve. What would an audit show, and why do you think that information is important?

A.  It is going to show what kind of promises the Fed made, what kind of loans they made, which companies benefited, which companies did not. We want to know about these international arrangements. You know if they can enter into arrangements with other countries and other central banks and issue new money and credit — they are literally a government unto itself.

The Fed is making appropriations that are off the books and didn’t go through Congress. That should be unconstitutional. They are making agreements with other governments. That’s treaty-making and we don’t even know about it. They always say it is to maintain an orderly financial system, but there is nothing orderly about it. They created problems, and it is something we deserve to know about.

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