Ron Paul Loses by 1 (Yes, ONE) Vote in SRLC Straw Poll

Reporting outside the Hilton Conference center in the Big Easy:

Just as the headline reads, Ron Paul lost the 2010 Presidential Straw Poll by one single vote to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  This one vote, however, really comes off as a big win for Congressman Paul–Evangelicals for Mitt spent tens of thousands trying to influence voters in the straw poll by giving away Romney books, piggy-banks indicating fiscal responsibility and massive advertising posters of Mitt all throughout the conference. 

Ron Paul, on the other hand, merely had a few supporters with homemade signs. 

As I attended the 2010 SRLC to spread the mission of YAL with dozens of other liberty lovers from the South, I could not but help to notice how many people were starting to support the liberty movement. Although a majority of these people did not vote for Ron Paul in 2008, there appeared some sort of changing sentiment, rising, and fast, for this man and his ideas of, well…big-tent, really, really–really small-government. 

Results from the SRLC 2010 straw-poll:

Newt Gingrich    18%
Mike Huckabee  4%
Gary Johnson    1%
Sarah Palin       18%
Ron Paul            24% (438 votes)
Tim Pawlenty   3%
Mike Pence      3%
Mitt Romney    24% (439 votes)
Rick Santorum    2%

*YAL does not support or endorse any candidates for public office.

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