Ron Paul on CNBC Squawk Box Feb. 22 2010

Ron Paul this morning on CNBC talking about his official CPAC Straw Poll victory, market interest rates, the Depression of 1920, how trading with countries can disarm hostilities with them, and how we start wars in order to prevent war:

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And here’s another interesting fact:  the number of 18-25 year olds voting in the Straw Poll in 2010 DECLINED from 2009.  This taken from

You’ve seen this excuse from the neoconned spokesmen and media: “Ron Paul won because a majority of CPAC attendees were college students, and we know that’s his strength. But they don’t reflect the country as a whole.”

The truth: The percentage of students declined this year, to 48% from 52% in 2009. And the percentage of registrants aged 18 to 25 also declined this year, to 54% from 57% in 2009. (The percentage of those under 18 stayed the same both years – 2%.) So the growth in Ron Paul’s popularity cannot be dismissed as merely a surge of college or young voters.

Young people are the future of our nation and our movement, blah blah blah, you’ve heard that endlessly from every politician in the land. So when do you start dumping on the young people? When you need an excuse for explaining away the Ron Paul phenomenon.

The pie got larger this year (more registrants), but CPAC demographics remained remarkably constant from 2009 to 2010. So the surge in support for Ron Paul cannot be explained with some sort of “takeover” conspiracy.”

Yet another victory for liberty that is undeniable.

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