Ron Paul on healthcare

Congressman Ron Paul makes a strong argument against President Obama’s proposed healthcare plan in his most recent article from Campaign for Liberty. While many are arguing that those against the plan are simply trying to protect large healthcare corporations and special interests, Dr. Paul argues quite to the contrary, saying that this plan is exactly what healthcare insurance companies would want, and thus is something of which we should be extremely skeptical.

Last Wednesday the nation was riveted to the President’s speech on healthcare reform before Congress. While the President’s concern for the uninsured is no doubt sincere, his plan amounts to a magnanimous gift to the health insurance industry, despite any implications to the contrary. For decades the insurance industry has been lobbying for mandated coverage for everyone. Imagine if the cell phone industry or the cable TV industry received such a gift from government? If government were to fine individuals simply for not buying a corporation’s product, it would be an incredible and completely unfair boon to that industry, at the expense of freedom and the free market. Yet this is what the current healthcare reform plans intend to do for the very powerful health insurance industry.

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