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I have created something that I wanted to share with the rest of the YAL community. You see, in the fall when using the Ron Paul to Campus petition for recruitment I would personally put a star by someone’s name if they were really interested or scored libertarian on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. But there was a problem:  sometimes I could forget to ask about the stars or forget to write them down. Even worse, one day another member was writing down stars for people who were not interested — which of course botched the whole convoluted system I had created. While no fault of his, the incident signaled that I need to change the petition.

So I took the .pdf file and opened it up in Adobe Photoshop and added an extra collumn with the box “Contact me!”. While I was at it I went ahead and typed out the name of our university, in our case MTSU, and put our chapter logo in place of the standard one.

The result was a really slick and professional petition that made gathering signatures and members much smoother. The next day in just 2.5 hours I managed to fill up four sheets with a 60% rate of check marks for “Contact Me!”.

So I thought that I’d share the new petition so that each chapter could edit it to suit there needs by putting their logo and chapter name on it- and taking advantage of the “Contact Me!” box. I’ve attatched it as a file and is seen below. It’s a .jpg that prints just fine, so it’s easy load up in any ol’ image editor, not just Photoshop.

In Peace, Love, and Liberty,

Eric Sharp, President MTSU chapter

Ron Paul DX

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