Ron Paul Praised by RNC Candidates

The race for the Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee took an interesting turn yesterday. It appears that the candidates for the job have great admiration for Congressman Ron Paul and the way in which he organized grassroots involvement in the Presidential campaign.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The six men vying to run the Republican National Committee praised the grassroots enthusiasm Paul tapped into during his campaign—and discussed how they would like to capture that enthusiasm to expand the party’s appeal.

“Ron Paul certainly brought a whole new generation of voters and I think it’s important going forward that we recognize the strengths and the attributes of these individuals who are out there actively building the party and building a movement, a consensus if you will, on certain issues. We can’t look that in the eye and say ‘No, we don’t want that,’” said former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, adding that the RNC needs to find “creative ways” to work with candidates supported by Paul and his followers, and to work with Paul directly to that end.

“I think, at this stage at this party, everyone who can help us should be brought into the room to help us,” Steele said.

It would seem that the RNC would be better off if they adopted the true philosophy of conservatism. They are too concerned about winning elections than actually holding true to a philosophy that brings people together for a common cause.

The answer to this dilemma could be making Ron Paul the Chairman of the Republican National Committee…especially if they have such admiration for his campaigning techniques?

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