Ron Paul Returns $100,000 to the Treasury

Ron Paul truly walks the walk on fiscal conservatism:

Like him or hate him, Dr. Ron Paul doesn’t just talk a big game about fiscal conservatism, he lives it.  In 2008, his congressional office returned $58,000 to the Treasury.  In 2009, his office returned $90,000.  Now, according to an official press release, Dr. Ron Paul’s congressional office has just paid back $100,000.

Not that $100,000 is going to make a serious dent in our fiscal imbalances, but Paul demonstrates the responsibility our government needs. The article also suggests:

If President Obama claims that he is serious about reigning in the runaway debt, perhaps he should install Dr. Ron Paul as the CEO of the bipartisan deficit commission.  It appears he’s the only one in the federal government with the track record to speak with the highest degree of credibility.

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