Ron Paul Schools Anti-Mosque Advocates on Property Rights

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Ron Paul has once again taken a stance that advocates the greatest amount of freedom for the greatest number of people. Dr. Paul argues that the majority has no right to tell the minority where they can and cannot build any kind of building, religious or otherwise. He also makes the very important distinction that many anti-“Ground Zero Mosque” advocates fail to notice: America was attacked by Al-Qaeda on 9/11, not Islam. 

Dr. Paul rips CNN and Anti-Mosque advocates a new one in this interview on A.C. 360.

Note how CNN attempted to goad Dr. Paul into taking a stance on the building itself.

Oh yeah, Dr. Paul is taking a different stance than his son Rand here (and Jack Conway), going as far as to call anti-Mosque advocates “sunshine patriots.”

You go, Dr. Paul.

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