Ron Paul Still the Exception to the Rule

Some change, hmm?

However, Ron Paul remains a true exception to the “gang of 535,” as is noted in this recent article on him from the UK:

[Ron Paul’s] ideas have struck chords with libertarian-minded college kids. Dismissed last year as the token nutjob in the line-up of Republican presidential candidates, his insurgent campaign proved surprisingly tenacious. Young people at music festivals wore “Dr Paul cured my apathy” badges, he spawned an internet fund-raising movement that had echoes of Barack Obama from the other side, and to this day he has a stronger YouTube presence than any other Republican politician.

And as always, he continues to be one of the few principled opponents of immoral and illegal war in Washington (what I like about this video is how his questioners sound like parodies of themselves — as if they’re exaggerating their stupidity to make him look even better):

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